Agua Caliente Hill Trail, Tucson, AZ

Wildflower season is here! The desert is full of color!

I've never hiked Agua Caliente Hill before because I told myself it was too hard of a hike. I've been challenging myself more this spring and told myself it would be a good challenge. It wasn't an easy hike by any means but it was definitely doable and I felt so strong after!

The trail climbs steadily right from the trailhead. I started early and was in the shade while climbing to the ridge that eventually gave a beautiful view of the Rincons. Pink fairy dusters, blue dicks, fiddleheads, desert chicory, brittlebush, mariposa lilies, and more wildflowers were in full bloom. I couldn't get over the abundance of flowers on either side of the rocky trail.
The trail keeps climbing and eventually reaches a saddle. There's a false summit about less than a mile from the saddle and I thought "wow this wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!" then I realized the trail kept going and I had more climbing to do. Another hour later I finally made it to the top!
The climb down wasn't as bad until the last mile of the rocky trail. The constant pounding did a number on my feet and I felt hot spots forming on my toes. But I'll definitely be hiking this trail again next spring. I can't believe I waited this long to hike it!


Agua Caliente Hill Trail, Tucson, AZ

Date hiked: March 18, 2023

Total miles: 9 miles

Elevation Gain: +/- 2,810 feet

Total time: 7 hours

Land Acknowledgement: O'odham, Tohono O'odham, Chiricahua Apache

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